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When Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Saving the tooth is our top priority, but we can offer the best tooth extraction in West Covina should you need it

The fear that is often associated with pulling a tooth is usually related to the pain experienced prior to the procedure. The fact of the matter is that shortly after an extraction the affected area will be returned to a healthy state and the pain will completely subside. However, it is important to understand that the dentist will always do everything in his power to save the tooth first, and only after exhausting all available options will the decision to pull a tooth be made. Furthermore, in this case we can usually offer a custom replacement with quality dental implants that will help you feel good about your smile again. Most cases that result in tooth extraction stem from severe tooth decay or an injury that requires urgent dental care. When the situation calls for immediate care our highly trained dental staff can be contacted 24/7 to assist you and your specific needs, as well as taking the appropriate steps in providing the best treatment at the nearest possible point in time.

The Advanced Procedure Of Tooth Removal

There are a number of useful considerations at Cameron Family Dental when facing a tooth extraction in West Covina

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“I have several reasons for liking this place. The doctor is experienced, pleasant, and really good at what he does and the office is very clean and run properly. There is never a wait for appointments – I always get to see a doctor right away, not when they can finally fit me in after a few weeks. Over the holidays, I broke a tooth all the way down to the root. I called Cameron Family Dental and got in that day. After the tooth extraction, I was celebrating in style and out of pain.”


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Life After Tooth Removal

There are several options to consider at Cameron Family Dental following a tooth extraction in West Covina

Following the procedure of a tooth extraction, there are a number of good options available for you to choose from to continue getting the very best out of your smile. Directly after getting a tooth removed it can be helpful to utilize some over the counter medication suggested by your dentist, although it is possible that the doctor may write a prescription for more effective medication should this be needed. It is possible that some pain and swelling may result from the procedure, usually only lasting a day or two with proper care. When it comes to replacing the recently removed tooth, there are a number of options available through cosmetic dentistry. A common solution is a dental implant, which is the closest resemblance to the natural tooth that was pulled.

This can be firmly placed within the gums with a custom fitted, and color matched replacement to sit comfortably in the place of your previous tooth. Another option available for consideration would be our top quality dentures, being the most useful solution for the removal of several teeth. It is a common misconception that dentures are only used when all of the teeth in a person’s mouth are missing, however, there are endless potential benefits available within this option. At Cameron Family Dental, we are committed to assisting you through this process with a consistent sense of care and concern. Call us at (626) 962-4428 to schedule your appointment today.

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"Some Tips For Caring For Your Recently Removed Tooth"

Practicing good oral hygiene is an essential step following a tooth extraction in West Covina

“It is very important to properly care for and clean the area after the procedure of pulling a tooth. Practicing effective oral hygiene habits can make the difference between a comfortable recovery and a painful new problem. Avoid aggravating the treated area too much and be sure to rinse your mouth with warm salt water regularly to maintain cleanliness and reduce bacterial infection. It is also essential to avoid tobacco, both smoking and chewing, to avoid the painful risk of dry or infected sockets during the recovery process. It is never an enjoyable experience to have a tooth removed, however, with proper care and the development of consistently good oral hygiene habits it is our goal to ensure that you never have to get another tooth removed. Our highly trained staff is extremely knowledgeable in the field of dentistry, professionally trained to be of top quality assistance in every dental situation. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to get a thorough examination, hopefully assessing your situation as soon as possible to avoid extraction and perhaps even save the tooth.”


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