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The Early Stages Of Dentistry

Our children’s dentist in West Covina will get kids excited about their teeth at Cameron Family Dental

Your little ones are important to you and so is their health. At Cameron Family Dental we like to make sure that your children get a fantastic first experience with the dentist that will set the tone for brushing and flossing habits that they will carry on for years to come. Our pedodontist has the youthful dedication that remains an essential component for top quality pediatric care and results across the country. The use of nitrous oxide is also readily available should that be the most beneficial route for your family to take. Helping kids develop a sense of comfort at the dentist becomes the most important step as it is recommended that they begin dental treatment within 6 months of the first tooth, generally around their first birthday. It is our top priority to provide families the best possible assistance in preventing the development of fears and anxiety commonly associated with children’s dentistry. Get them off to a smiling start with Cameron Family Dental.

Preparing For Your Child’s Dental Experience

Take some useful advice from our children’s dentist in West Covina

"It Was An Awesome Experience"

“My whole family had an appointment at Cameron Family Dental. My husband and I and our four children. It was an awesome experience for everyone. The kids were happy and entertained during their cleanings, and Dr. Tubis and his team were very patient and caring! I always recommend them to everyone I know.”


Lomita, CA

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Give Your Child A Reason To Smile

Take your first step at Cameron Family Dental with our children’s dentist in West Covina

There are countless benefits to introducing your child to the world of dentistry during the first signs of teeth forming. They are going to be much less likely to experience apprehension at this age, before they have had the opportunity to develop fears and concerns that usually come at a later age. Hesitation at this age can bring on the potential of cavities due to neglect that is commonly associated with the idea that these teeth will be replaced at a later point in childhood. The experience of having a gentle, caring pediatric dentist will further strengthen not only their confidence in future visits, but their enthusiasm for personal oral hygiene throughout those early developmental years. Our pedodontist has a passionate and genuine excitement for

educating kids on the importance of good oral health and teeth cleaning, as well as teaching them how the process can be a truly fun experience at home. We love to treat children with the patience and understanding that is needed during this time in their lives and it is our guarantee that they leave with a brand new perspective on the dentist. It is even our pleasure to finalize every visit with the child getting to choose a fun prize from our treasure chest! Give your kids the best chance at a happy and healthy smile that’s sure to bring out yours as well. Call us at (626) 962-4428 or click the ‘appointments’ button below to schedule!

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I never have to wait to be seen when I have an appointment. Staff is friendly and remembers who I am from previous visit six months ago. I feel very comfortable there every single time.

Anny Estrada


The Difference Is In
The Way We Care

Your kids find real comfort with our children’s dentist in West Covina

We take the time necessary with each individual child to develop a strong sense of trust here at Cameron Family Dental. Whether they are here for their very first visit or in the process of receiving a brand new set of braces we want to keep them smiling from the moment they walk in our doors. Our entire staff is experienced with providing a gentle touch that produces soothing results for children’s uncertainty.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.


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Cameron Family Dental

"We Want Your Kids To Feel At Home"

We will help prepare your child for a great visit with our children’s dentist in West Covina

“When your child arrives at our office we consider it a privilege to begin their experience with a friendly face and a positive attitude. From the moment you enter the building we consider your children as a part of our dental family, just as they will be treated. During the waiting period feel free to let the kids relax and enjoy our children’s area before the dentist comes out to greet them with a big smile and an even bigger heart. The importance of creating the initial building blocks of trust, compassion, and enthusiasm for every child’s dental health experience is a process that our entire team is passionate about. We strive to have kids leaving with a brand new perspective and appreciation for the dentist, and we hope to create a sense of excitement over fear by their very next appointment at Cameron Family Dental in West Covina.”



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