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Take The Time To Make Your Teeth Shine

Clarify your confidence at Cameron Family Dental with a professional teeth whitening in West Covina

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is likely the easiest and most common method to drastically improve the aesthetics of your smile, boosting your level of confidence with a fairly quick treatment that can leave teeth glistening white. Although a dental grade teeth whitening treatment can begin at any time, it is recommended by professional dentists that a patient wait an average of 6 months between repeat procedures to avoid damaging the enamel of teeth and increased sensitivity of the gums. Since our enamel cannot be regained once lost, this level of frequency is an important aspect of maintaining not only a brilliant smile, but a healthy mouth too. We offer a large number of take-home whitening and teeth bleaching products as well, such as Opalescence for a convenient method of brightening your smile beyond regular cleaning habits, as well as reducing surface stains and discoloration caused by common things like tea, coffee, and tobacco products.

Top Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Regular usage of any of the following could mean it’s time for a professional teeth whitening in West Covina

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“The staff is so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They also have wonderful customer service skills. I visited another dental office to get free teeth whitening a few months ago and even they mentioned the good condition my mouth was in! The procedure was an awful experience, and I’ll never go anywhere else again. Dr. Tubis is the best!”


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Dental Whitening That’s Right For You

Get the most out of your smile with a professional teeth whitening in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

There are a wide range of bleaching products and treatments that can once again fully restore your true smile and provide a refreshing and youthful sense of faith in oneself. Our office offers various custom bleaching trays that are made specifically for you and can generally be used over night while sleeping. Unlike the products you will find over the counter, custom trays are considered much more effective by professionals, with the ability to enhance the whiteness of your teeth well beyond regular cleanings by up to 8 shades after treatment. One of the only disadvantages of this method is the lack of more instant results when compared to treatment from within our office. However,

the far superior method will always be our professional in-house bleaching solution for optimal teeth whitening. This particular solution is much stronger than the take-home trays and provides the added benefit of being under the direct care of a professional dental hygienist throughout the process. We recommend that you consult with our cosmetic dentist to see what the best options might be for your particular situation by scheduling an appointment with us today. Click the ‘appointments’ button below or call (626) 962-4428.

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We are happy to enhance your smile with a professional teeth whitening in West Covina

Here at Cameron Family Dental we know how important it is to have a passion for the treatment we provide and the patients that receive it. Ensuring that the love of what we do goes into every interaction is our absolute top priority, along with providing a high quality service that is rooted in the comfort and satisfaction of our profession. We strive to make sure that you always feel important and cared for in our West Covina dental office.

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A professional teeth whitening in West Covina will change the way you smile

“Developing a whiter smile may not be a necessity to a person’s health but it can absolutely provide fantastic results to our level of self-confidence and comfort in social situations. However, the bleaching process itself can have an effect on the teeth if used too frequently in excess and should therefore be considered as a responsibility to our oral health. Enamel can be worn down through over-usage of take home products, with a sense of impatience for immediate results causing irreparable damage to this surface area of our teeth without responsible self-treatment. This is in part a big reason why we suggest that you come in and get a dental grade professional whitening under the direct care of our dentist and team. We can provide a precise and potent treatment plan utilizing years of professional ability. We would even be happy to schedule and arrange your next visit at an optimal time in the future for the best results. Contact your cosmetic dentist at Cameron Family Dental in West Covina today to find out what the best whitening techniques are for you.”


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