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Steps Toward A Brighter, Healthier Smile

Good oral hygiene starts with getting a quality dental cleaning in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

While brushing and flossing are essential components of proper oral health, a professional dental cleaning is highly recommended every six months. A series of recent studies have shown that an unhealthy mouth is directly linked to a number of general health issues within our entire body. With our nutritional habits having evolved over time, proper teeth cleaning done by your hygienist will help remove the stubborn plaque and tarter build up that can’t be removed with a toothbrush alone, helping you maintain consistently healthy cleaning habits. Prior to each cleaning, your teeth will also be professionally examined and x-rayed to assess any potential problems that may need addressed by your dentist. This process will greatly assist in the prevention of bacteria, cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. We encourage you to come and get your dental cleaning in West Covina for the benefit of your oral health and a brighter smile.

Useful Tools For an Even Better Dental Experience

Things get even better with a dental cleaning in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

"She Really Put My Mind At Ease"

“My dental cleaning is always a good experience at Cameron Family Dental. My dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth is very gentle and she was also patient and very considerate. She could tell I wasn’t thrilled to be in the office having a dental cleaning, but she really put my mind at ease.”


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Our Priority Is Your Oral Health

Learn the essential information regarding a dental cleaning in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

Your oral health is dependent on two factors: Your willingness to exercise proper teeth brushing and flossing habits and your overall commitment to scheduling regular visits with your dentist for a professional dental cleaning. Even if you are extremely attentive about regularly taking care of your teeth and gums at home, it is easy to miss those hard-to-reach areas that will develop excessive plaque and tartar over time. This can result in vulnerability to cavities, tooth decay, gum inflammation, and periodontal disease in the long run. Prior to a dental cleaning, the dentist will make sure to give an in-depth examination of all teeth along with x-rays and intra oral photos. To begin the actual cleaning process, your dental hygienist will first loosen plaque and tartar 

build up using a professional scraping tool. Afterwards, your teeth will be polished with a form of specialty toothpaste that will continue to assist in preventing future accumulation that, along with at-home care, will provide additional protection until your next appointment. Upon completion of the cleaning process the doctor will then perform a thorough exam to check for any development of gum disease or tooth decay. This opportunity is also taken to conduct a thorough oral cancer screening with every patient. We will then be sure to work with you in scheduling your next dental cleaning down the road for your convenience.

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A sense of relaxation with every dental cleaning in West Covina

Our dental team strives to create a feeling of comfort for each and every patient that comes in seeking our services. We will always be sure to provide a gentle touch throughout the treatment process and a caring atmosphere to ease your mind. You’re guaranteed to leave with a smile.

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"Setting You Up With A Perfect Smile"

Allow your hygienist to provide even more help beyond your dental cleaning in West Covina

“I highly recommend taking the opportunity to discuss further beneficial oral hygiene habits with your hygienist during a dental cleaning. It is my goal to provide you the tools needed to prevent avoidable problems in between visits with the dentist. Utilize this time to ask questions about teeth brushing techniques, gum care and disease prevention, the harmful effects of clenching and grinding your teeth, the benefits of mouth wash and killing bacteria, how Invisalign works, or any inquiries related to general dentistry and oral hygiene as a whole. It is my top priority to accommodate all patient’s questions and curiosity in order to help their development in adequate dental care at home.”


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