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The Answer Has Never Been More Clear

Avoid metal braces with Invisalign in West Covina

Invisalign is an undetectable alternative to metal braces, straightening crooked and misaligned teeth with a series of aligners that will gradually direct your teeth into an aesthetically pleasing and orally beneficial position. One of the largest benefits of using Invisalign over traditional braces are that the form of treatment is practically invisible to your friends, family members and co-workers, even though you will be effectively straightening your teeth throughout your normal routine. Another, and perhaps the most useful benefit is that these aligners can be removed. This is a massive advantage over metal braces in the sense that it does not limit the food and drinks that you can consume in any way, as well as giving you the availability to thoroughly clean your teeth at your own point of convenience. Metal braces can be extremely limiting in this aspect, causing severe buildup in difficult to reach areas that are being blocked by the attachments that surround your teeth. The similar affordability and payment options make Invisalign the clear choice when it comes to giving yourself the smile you have always deserved.

Side By Side: The Path Is Clear

You get all of the advantages of a perfect smile and far more with Invisalign in West Covina

"I Am So Happy"

“I had a minor dental emergency and they worked me in on a Saturday. Dr. Tubis was great and everyone was very friendly. They even reminded me to take my car keys and prescriptions when I forgot about them. Next week I have a follow-up procedure. I am so happy to be free of pain.”


Lomita, CA

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Pain, Pain, Go Away

A dental emergency in West Covina can be quickly treated by our knowledgeable staff at Cameron Family Dental

We understand just how painful a toothache can be, but the fact of the matter is that in most cases this pain is only going to increase if left untreated with urgent dental care. Dental emergencies are often unexpected and can leave the individual worried about the next step of getting treatment and just how soon it can be attained. At Cameron Family Dental we are aware of the importance of this and are determined to provide urgent care and assistance to those that need it, no matter the time of day or night. Once we are able to get a patient into 

our office and examine the mouth we can properly determine the root cause of your pain and apply the appropriate form of treatment to get you out of pain and put a smile back on your face. Whether you need a filling, root canaltooth extraction, or gum disease treatment we are always prepared to help you battle the pain. You do not have to live with the pain. Call our office line 24/7 immediately at (626) 962-4428 or click the ‘appointments’ button below to schedule an appointment today and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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I've known you guys for many years, and it's been fantastic. Even when I have to have work done you always take care of me and try to make me as comfortable as possible. I appreciate that and it's precisely why you guys are my favorite dentist office. Always a 5 star performance!

Jordan Duncan

We’re Ready To Help!

We are always ready to take your call regarding dental emergencies in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

When you have a toothache in West Covina you never have to worry because our team of trained professionals is here for you any time, any day. If you are experiencing severe pain, seeking urgent dental advice, or even if you simply have questions about the appropriate next step for any dentistry related issue, we are waiting for your call right now.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.


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Cameron Family Dental

"Here's What You Can Do In The Meantime"

Our skilled dentist has some advice for dealing with a dental emergency in West Covina

“Here at Cameron Family Dental, I am proud to have a full staff of trained professionals that are prepared to handle any dental emergency and are aimed at getting you the relief from pain that you need as quickly as possible. However, when you are facing a situation such as a toothache or swelling gums there are some suggestions I have before arriving at our office for temporary relief. If you have a broken or lost tooth, soak the lost fragment(s) in milk until we can see you. This will help retain moisture and sustain the tooth in the meantime. Also, if you are experiencing damage to your gums or the inside of your mouth you can rinse salt water to reduce the effect and attain a sense of relief. If you have simply lost a filling or crown, I suggest that you utilize denture glue to be applied as a temporary bond for securing it back in place. You can consult your local pharmacist to find out what over the counter medications can be used to alleviate tooth pain as well.”

Dr. Dmitry Tubis


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