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Say Hello To Your Brand New Smile

At Cameron Family Dental, we provide partial and complete dentures in West Covina

The world of dentures provides a real quality solution for any individual that may be missing many or all of their teeth. Most people incorrectly believe that false teeth are only for the elderly, when in reality they are a custom fit replacement for individuals of all ages that have endured an oral trauma, severe gum disease, and dental emergencies. Whatever the specific reason, cosmetic dentures can help you regain your confidence and smile with a sense of comfort. Aesthetically speaking, the loss of numerous teeth can frequently result in an often undesirable profile that gives a sunken appearance to the mouth. Complete and partial dentures in West Covina can provide a form of cosmetic assistance that can help you regain that fullness in your face and the ability to chew correctly, allowing a regained sense of freedom and certainty in your day to day life. Our skillfully trained staff at Cameron Family Dental truly enjoy the process of providing custom dentures of all types to our patients. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

What To Know About Dentures

Here are some facts about dentures in West Covina at Cameron Family Dental

"It Felt Very Comfortable"

“When I had my top plate done, I only had to have one impression. It was a customized upper plate and it wasn’t cheap, but totally worth it. It felt very comfortable when Dr. Tubis fitted it, much better than any previous dental experience. There was no uncomfortable friction or lisping. Dr. Tubis is a true professional. What took others countless visits to do, he did in just a few days. This is one of the best dental decisions that I have ever made.”


Torrance, CA

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Taking The First Steps

Getting false teeth in West Covina involves several steps at Cameron Family Dental

The process of getting quality custom dentures at our office is very thorough. We want to make sure that you feel as though you are replacing any missing teeth with a comfortable and natural looking alternative that resembles your original smile in every way possible. We aspire to provide an end result that has the potential to change your perception on the world of dentistry forever. A set of complete or partial dentures in West Covina can change everything from the way you eat to the way you feel. Upon your first visit to our office, and after an examination, we will take a mold of your teeth and gums to develop perfect measurements for your upcoming partial or complete

dentures. Afterwards, these specifications will be used to accurately craft your new custom smile in a lab before your next visit. Once this process is complete we will have you visit our office for some final adjustments and fine-tuning before they finally become a comfortable, long lasting, and fully-functioning set of quality teeth replacements that are sure to make you smile. Feel free to contact us by calling (626) 962-4428 if you have any questions regarding dentures in West Covina and we’ll be sure to get you scheduled for a free consultation today.

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The staff there are great, friendly, and always finding a way to help make everything easy. Thank you!

Haidee Rodriguez


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We truly enjoy restoring smiles with dentures in West Covina

When you put your smile in our hands, we make sure to put years of skillful experience right back into your smile. Our entire friendly staff at Cameron Family Dental is committed to providing a dental service that we are passionate about, ensuring the satisfaction of every patient encounter with a genuine love for what we do best. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.


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Cameron Family Dental

"Welcome To Your New Smile!"

When choosing dentures in West Covina, Cameron Family Dental is simply the best

“Welcome to the best dental office in West Covina! Whether you are seeking a simple teeth whitening, an endodontic root canal, or anything in between, we strive to provide the best dental treatment that can be provided. It is my pleasure to ensure your complete satisfaction from start to finish. We guarantee nothing less than absolute quality within every form of caring treatment you receive at Cameron Family Dental. When you come in to get your custom dentures you will surely be amazed by the level of concern we put into providing you a strong, yet gentle sense of comfort throughout the entire process. Every member of our dental team exercises an ambitious sense of satisfaction in their work, allowing every patient to leave feeling like they couldn’t have possibly found a better dental practice anywhere else. Allow us to show you what a truly enjoyable experience a visit to the dentist can be, because at Cameron Family Dental, we believe that’s how it always should be.”



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