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The Modern World Of Implants

Experience the sensation of a brand new tooth at Cameron Family Dental with dental implants in West Covina

Dental implants are durable, long-lasting alternatives to your natural teeth that are often considered to be the best option for replacing a lost tooth. Many would consider tooth implants to be one of the most technologically advanced forms of dental treatment, providing a superior look and feel when compared to other forms of tooth replacement such as dentures or veneers. They are quite literally the closest thing to a natural tooth that science has offered the world of dentistry thus far. Our on-site periodontist uses only American and Swiss materials from some of the strongest companies in the field of implants, ensuring a strong, top quality product that is sure to last a lifetime. No matter the cause of your lost tooth, whether it is a result of trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay, dental implants in West Covina can transform your smile into something that looks natural and feels amazing. Call us today to set up a free consultation and determine whether tooth implants are the right procedure for you at Cameron Family Dental.

Moving Forward With Dental Implants

Getting a tooth implant in West Covina can be accomplished in just a few visits to Cameron Family Dental

"There Was No Pain At All"

“Dr. Tubis installed a dental implant for me last year. I had no pain and it was really fast! He installed one more dental implant recently, and just like before – it was fast and there was no pain at all! Such an amazingly nice experience!”


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How Can You Benefit From A Dental Implant?

There are a wide range of problems that have a permanent solution with dental implants in West Covina

A dental implant is a surgical procedure that involves positioning a post beneath the gums and into the jawbone, allowing for the dentist to mount a custom-crafted implant directly on top of this as if it were a root so that it stays firmly attached and comfortably aligned between the remaining natural teeth. Unlike bridges, dental implants do not need to be anchored to other teeth, which is highly beneficial to your overall oral health because it can be cleaned and treated just the same as the individual tooth that was in its place before. When considering dental implants it is essential to note the importance of healthy gums and adequate bones to support the post that is placed within the jaw. If the

bone is too thin or soft the patient may be required to do a bone graft . However, our highly skilled periodontist is trained in just about every aspect of the dental implant procedure including bone grafts, gum grafts, tissue grafts, and sinus lifts to ensure that the process works best for you and your specific needs. If you are considering the possibility of a dental implant in West Covina then give us a call today and schedule an appointment. Our amazing staff will be sure to answer any questions that you may have and get you on the right track to a bright and wonderful smile.

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My first visit to this dental office and everything was great!

Joy Diaz

Always A Gentle Touch

At Cameron Family Dental, we are sensitive to the needs of every individual when getting a dental implant in West Covina

The comfort of our patients is a top priority at Cameron Family Dental. We want to be able to help you relax and feel good about the decision you are making throughout the entire process of treatment. Our passion for caring and providing a gentle touch to every form of treatment is something that we strive for in every interaction. We understand the importance of your comfort, so give us a call.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now.


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Cameron Family Dental

"How To Decide If Implants Are The Right Choice For You"

Dental implants in West Covina just might be the best choice you can make

“The first step of receiving a dental implant will involve coming in to get a thorough examination by our dentist so that he can determine if the form of treatment is a good choice for you. It is important to evaluate the health of an individual’s gums and jaw bone before moving forward with a dental implant in West Covina. In most cases a tooth implant is a viable option for anybody with adult teeth, making it a very popular procedure amongst those that have had injuries or trauma related to the mouth and want to regain a smile that feels both natural and comfortable. Dental implants have a huge benefit of being resistant to decay and cavities, as well as providing additional oral health benefits to other teeth by allowing you to brush and floss as you normally would without interference. The first step towards making the best decision for your dental health is always to contact us so that we can help determine all of your potential treatment and finance options before moving forward with a procedure. At Cameron Family Dental, we are always here to help when you need us, so give us a call today and schedule your appointment for a free consultation.”


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