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Experiencing Nerve Pain?
A Root Canal Could Be The Solution!

No need to suffer, an endodontic root canal in West Covina can provide relief at Cameron Family Dental

Are you experiencing increasing tooth pain? An increasingly strong sense of discomfort within a nerve? This is most likely due to a severely infected tooth root or nerve ending. A root canal, or endodontics, is an extremely common dental procedure that can save the tooth and eliminate the pain associated with these symptoms, providing a much needed sense of relief for a patient. Other signs that you might need to speak to your dentist about a root canal in West Covina may include intense sensitivity to hot and cold liquids, bleeding and swelling gums around the tooth, numbness in the area, or a rapid and visible change of coloring on the enamel. We have a highly trained and professional staff, including an on-site endodontist that is readily available to get you quick relief. We can get you set up with a pain-free appointment as soon as you give us a call. Get fast relief with endodontics in West Covina today!

The Symptoms Associated With Needing A Root Canal

Addressing the potential need of a root canal in West Covina could save you excess pain and discomfort

"I Had Made The Right Choice"

“When I heard ‘root canal’, I was filled with fear, especially since I was seeing a ‘cheap’ dentist at the time. I certainly didn’t trust him to do a root canal because even simple fillings caused pain! While looking for West Covina endodontic care, I found Cameron Family Dental. When Dr. Tubis explained the procedure in detail to me and helped me with my fear at my very first appointment, I could tell I had made the right choice. I was surprisingly comfortable throughout the entire root canal treatment. You do quality work, Dr. Tubis!”


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Addressing The Root Of The Problem

A root canal in West Covina can save you pain, or even your tooth at Cameron Family Dental

If your dentist or endodontist has informed you that you need a root canal, try not to worry. Millions of teeth are effectively treated, and even saved every single year with an effective use of endodontics, or a root canal. The treatment process begins underneath the surface of the tooth, beneath the enamel and a hard surface called the dentin. A soft tissue called pulp contains blood vessels, tissue, and nerves that help the root of your tooth along the path of development. A root canal becomes necessary when this pulp becomes severely inflamed or infected, causing deep decay

or even chips and cracks within the tooth, and this can be extremely painful. Effective dental treatment by your dentist will include removing the pulp and disinfecting the interior, then filling and sealing with a dental crown for protection. This process will leave you with a pain-free replacement that will function just like any other tooth, providing a long term solution that will return your healthiest and most confident smile back to its original place. Call us at (626) 962-4428 or click the ‘appointments’ button below to schedule today.

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I'm glad I found and came to this place, the staff are always nice, friendly and in pleasant moods. I enjoy my visits here and am very satisfied with the service, This is a place where I always feel comfortable.

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Find relief in knowing that endodontics in West Covina is always just a phone call away

We have an emergency line that is dedicated to providing you the reassurance and comfort of knowing a professional dental team is directly around your corner. Whether you are experiencing severe pain or simply trying to schedule your next dental visit, we always welcome your call.

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"We Can Improve Your Situation Immediately"

With a root canal in West Covina, we can have you back to your original self in a single visit

“This particular procedure never has to result in an awful experience. Our team is always sure to utilize every aspect of precise and professionally trained skill, along with a caring sense of confidence during all dental treatment procedures, from root canals to tooth extractions. The affected area may be a little sensitive for a short while after endodontic treatment is complete. However, over the counter pain relief medications such as Tylenol can curb this slight pain until the healing process is complete in a day or two. The post-treatment recovery shouldn’t interfere with regular activities, such as going to work or continuing classes, and will result in a healthy tooth replacement for years to come with the proper oral care.”


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