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The Strength And Stability of Braces

When faced with options in the world of orthodontics, metal braces in West Covina have some big advantages

In a world where clear braces are becoming increasingly popular, it might be easy to forget just why metal braces have been such an effective form of treatment for crowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth for so many years. Orthodontic technology and treatment has progressed significantly over recent years, and although clear braces such as Invisalign have developed a good reputation with more mature patients, the more traditional form of teeth alignment has proven to be a potentially superior method with our younger patients and children time and again. With metal braces your orthodontist has a much greater increase of control over the incremental movements of the teeth, allowing for a more precise form of treatment that often includes the utilization of brackets, wires, and rubber bands to fine tune an utterly perfect smile in any mouth. Today’s metal braces are a refined version of the options we once had with pediatric orthodontic treatment, and with a wide range of colors available for the components it is possible to customize a visually appealing option that is frequently more affordable than clear braces, as well as preventing the potential for lost or misplaced aligners.

“That Fear Immediately Faded Away”

“As a parent, my main concern was to make certain that I could find a dentist who would provide a sense of comfort and security for my child. The idea of getting braces seemed a little frightening to my daughter at first, but that fear immediately faded away the moment we walked into Cameron Family Dental and were greeted by their bright and friendly office staff. I was stunned by the level of patience and support that this entire office provided to my family! Dr. Tubis made sure to consistently provide a gentle, yet fun and engaging approach with my daughter’s dental care throughout the entire process.”


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Brace Yourself For A Perfect Smile

With braces in West Covina, your orthodontist at Cameron Family Dental always knows best

Traditional metal braces can often be the perfect choice for a parent to make regarding their children’s orthodontic treatment. This method requires much less responsibility on the user and their willingness to maintain discipline during the process, such as keeping various aligners clean and attached despite the freedom of removal at any time. It is important to note that orthodontic treatment can be a lengthy process, ranging from months to years, and is therefore highly beneficial to have the dentist in control of all adjustments such as tightening, deep cleaning, and removal. This also allows the dentist or orthodontist to

make any necessary changes for the optimal outcome of your smile during any appointments spanning across the treatment period. Along with a regular hands-on approach to your specific needs during the process of correcting teeth alignment with metal braces, your dentist will likely provide you with highly effective information and tools to maintain clean teeth using specific brushing and flossing techniques, as well as a list of certain foods to avoid in order to decrease the risk of cavities and keep your braces in the best shape possible. Call us now at (626) 962-6639 to schedule your orthodontic consultation.

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We Spare You The Stress

There’s never any need for discomfort when getting metal braces in West Covina

We know that you choose your dental health provider carefully, and at Cameron Family Dental we do everything within our professional ability to ensure that you always feel good about choosing us over other offices. With a daily goal of keeping everything from your complete comfort to your resulting white smile in mind, it is truly a privilege to be treating every individual patient in West Covina with top quality care.

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"Let’s Straighten Up That Smile"

We are honored to provide the best results in orthodontics with braces in West Covina

“When facing your options in orthodontics, braces are almost always a long-term commitment that require the patient to exercise various forms of self-discipline for the best results. However, at Cameron Family Dental we are excited to provide our knowledge and skills to guarantee a resulting smile that lasts a lifetime. Taking care of your teeth is always an important task, but this is especially true for those patients with metal braces. I highly recommend for our patients going through this form of treatment to avoid chewy foods such as soft candies and caramel that can get stuck between braces, increasing the risk of stains and cavities on the teeth. Exceptionally hard and crunchy foods can cause damage to your braces as well and should be avoided most of the time during treatment, although this can be an effective rule of thumb during the process for children in assisting them to develop good eating habits and avoid certain choices that may negatively affect their dental health in the long run. You will have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions during follow-up appointments after treatment has begun, and it is always my pleasure to provide comfortable adjustments for the best results. Call us and schedule an appointment today, we will begin assessing the best options for your orthodontic needs right away.”

Dr. Dmitry Tubis

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