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Gingivitis: How It Affects Oral Health

Experiencing gum disease in West Covina has numerous effects on your overall dental health

Harmful bacteria can build up in the mouth without regular professional teeth cleanings, resulting in swollen gums that can develop a redness and even result in bleeding that might occur while brushing your teeth or even without any apparent cause whatsoever. Gingivitis, or gum disease, is a problem that many people suffer with and can be determined by your hygienist during a routine examination. Luckily, the condition can be reversed and the health of the gums can be regained in most cases. However, if gum disease is left untreated for too long it can often develop into periodontal disease, a severe oral health condition causing deeply bedded infection that can result in losing teeth permanently. It is extremely important that you receive routine deep cleanings and oral examinations in order to effectively fight the potentials of gingivitis and gum disease, and our professional staff at Cameron Family Dental is readily available to assist you with the tools needed for a healthy smile that can last a lifetime.

It May Be Time For A Deep Cleaning

These signs of gingivitis in West Covina can be reduced with a deep cleaning at Cameron Family Dental

"I Couldn't Ignore The Pain"

“My gums have always been prone to being red and swollen. It only makes the problem worse since I don’t like to floss or brush because it hurts my sensitive gums. I was told by Dr. Tubis that I couldn’t ignore the pain any longer and needed urgent care… I had serious gingivitis. He told me I needed immediate treatment. Dr. Tubis advised me of some things I could do to care for my teeth and gums at home following my gum disease treatment. He also told me to stop smoking, at least until my gums healed. I would recommend Cameron Family Dental if you are looking for a good dentist.”


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Take Control Of Gum Disease

Our highly trained staff at Cameron Family Dental is prepared to battle gingivitis in West Covina

The most effective method of preventing the root causes of issues such as periodontal disease is always going to be ensuring regular oral examinations and deep cleanings with an experienced dentist. However, if you are already experiencing the symptoms of gingivitis we can provide the quality results needed to help you get your oral health and beautiful smile back on the right track. The highly effective deep cleanings that we provide at Cameron Family Dental can prevent and even reverse the early signs of severe gum disease such as receding 

gums that may frequently bleed or become swollen. Another common trait of gingivitis is the resulting bad breath that is caused by pockets of harmful bacteria that collect along the gum line. We are dedicated to applying our dentistry skills to supporting a healthy mouth that consists of strong, white teeth that feel great to show off in every smile. Contactour office today by calling (626) 962-4428 to schedule an appointment if you believe you are in need of an examination by our gum specialist. We are always proud to provide the assistance you need.

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"Prevention Is Possible"

A regular deep cleaning will help prevent gum disease in West Covina

“The most important piece of information that can be given in regards to gingivitis and gum disease is that it is completely preventable with the proper oral hygiene habits. I take it upon myself to equip every patient with the knowledge and tools needed to exercise healthy habits for a healthy mouth. Properly brushing and flossing, along with a healthy diet can be more than half the battle toward strong, healthy teeth and gums. Scheduling regular appointments for a deep cleaning and thorough examination with our office in West Covina can provide the remaining steps needed to prevent the possibility of developing gingivitis and more serious forms of gum disease. When using an effective process of healthy dental habits and a well-rounded knowledge of preventative care, you are sure to have a healthy mouth that’s going to feel great. Cameron Family Dental is excited to be the only dentistry service you will ever need, so give us a call today and let us put a smile on your face.”


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